Deckx is gespecialiseerd in de bouw van waterzuiveringsinstallaties.


A classic sewage treatment plant treats waste water coming from an area with more than 2.000 population equivalents. It is suitable to purify domestic wastewater. The sewage first passes through a mechanical treatment and afterwards a biological treatment. During the mechanical treatment, all of the coarse debris is removed from the water. During the biological purification of sewage the very fine and dissolved waste particles are removed. The excess purification sludge is also removed.

There are also small-scale water treatment plants. These are used to purify the waste water from remote residential areas. The connection of these distant discharge points to the treatment infrastructure is crucial to ensure good water quality downstream. Therefore the highest standards in the design of small-scale plants are observed and integrates nutrient removal. Thus, the purified water from the treatment plant has the lowest impact on the water quality of the receiving stream.

A KWZI has the same process scheme as a RWZI. Only the technical implementation varies. Depending on the waste load the biological treatment consists in a KWZI out of following techniques: a wetland or purification plant and tank systems as a biorotor.

The purified sewage can be further purified to drinking water