Our workshop is responsible for the production of the various project components including:

·          Containers voor mobiele waterzuiveringen

·          Leidingsystemen in staal of RVS tot diameter DN2000

·          Constructies in diverse materialen

·          Doseerpanelen voor chemicaliën waaronder NaOCl, NaOH, H2SO4, FeCl, polymeren, …

·          Skids voor koelwaters, doseringen, …

·          Industriële laagspanningsborden

·          Energie distributiekasten

·         Containers for mobile water treatment plants

·         Piping in steel or stainless steel up to diameter DN2000

·         Constructions in various materials

·         Panels for chemical dosing including NaOCl, NaOH, H2SO4, FeCl, polymers, ...

·         Skids for cooling water, dosages, ...

·         Industrial low-voltage panels

·         Energy Distribution panels


The strategic decision to provide components by our own production unit results in the advantages of operating independently and corresponding fexible on urgent interventions of our clients.